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March 24th 2017

The Eyes of My Mother: press roundup

The Eyes of My Mother: press roundup

A striking debut from Nicolas Pesce, The Eyes of My Mother is a monochrome chiller that follows the story of Francisca, a troubled young woman living in an isolated farmhouse whose attempts to connect with the wider world take a distinctly dark form.

Displaying an assured understanding of extreme horror, a sympathetic eye for intimate character study and a reinvigorated interpretation of the American Gothic tradition, The Eyes of My Mother is a hybrid creation of lingering beauty and gnawing dread.


***** - Time Out

***** - CineVue

***** - Dirty Movies

**** - The Guardian

**** - Empire

**** - Starburst Magazine

**** - The Irish Times

**** - The National

**** - Daily Mirror

**** - Frightfest Gore in the Store

**** -

**** - Vulture Hound

**** - MYM Buzz

**** - Front Row Reviews

**** - The Digital Fix

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