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The Circle

Director: Frank Borzage

Music: Garth Neustadter

Genre: Drama

Year: 1925

Running time: 60 minutes

Territory: International

Cast: Eleanor Boardman, Malcolm McGregor, Alec B Francis, Eugenie Besserer, George Fawcett, Creighton Hale, Otto Hoffman, Joan Crawford

Bored with her marriage to stuffy aristocrat Arnold Cheney (Creighton Hale), Elizabeth (Eleanor Boardman) is planning to trade him in for a new model (Malcolm McGregor), just as Arnold's mother (Eugenie Besserer) did to his father (Alec Francis) 30 years before. To help her decide if she's made the right choice, Elizabeth invites her mother-in-law and her husband (George Fawcett) to pay them a visit, while Arnold takes measures to save his marriage with a hard-hitting plan of his own.


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