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The Eyes of My Mother

Director: Nicolas Pesce

Producers: Jake Wasserman, Schulyer Weiss, Max Born

Music: Ariel Loh

Genre: Horror

Year: 2016

Territory: UK

Studio: Magnolia

Format: DCP

Cast: Kika Magalhaes, Flora Diaz, Will Brill, Clara Wong, Joey Curtis-Green

Language options: Dialogue - EN, PT | Subtitle - EN

Francisca has been unfazed by death from an early age. Her mother, formerly a surgeon in Portugal, imbued her with a thorough understanding of anatomy and the end of life. But when tragedy shatters her family’s idyllic existence in the countryside, the deep trauma she experiences awakens some unique curiosities. As Francisca grows up, the effects of her troubled past gradually build and her desire to connect with the world around her takes a distinctly dark form.


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