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Director: D W Griffith

Genre: Drama

Year: 1916

Running time: 167 minutes

Territory: International

Format: DCP

Cast: Lillian Gish, Mae Marsh, Erich von Stroheim, Bessie Love, Elmo Lincoln, Tod Browning, Monte Blue, Eugene Palette

Language options: Dialogue - EN

Four separate stories are interwoven: the fall of Babylon, the death of Christ, the massacre of the Huguenots, and a contemporary drama, all crosscut and building with enormous energy to a thrilling chase and finale. Through the juxtaposition of these well known sagas, Griffith joyously makes clear his markedly deterministic view of history, namely that the suffering of the innocents makes possible the salvation of the current generation, symbolised by the boy in the modern love story.

The new DCP of this film contains a score by Carl Davis.


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