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The Shining

Director: Stanley Kubrick

Genre: Horror

Year: 1980

Running time: 119 minutes

Territory: International

Studio: Warner

Format: DCP

Cast: Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall, Danny Lloyd

Language options: Dialogue - EN, FR, IT, DE, ES, RU | Subtitle - FR, IT, DE, ES, QBP, JA, RU, DA, NL, EL

All work and no play makes Oscar-winning actor Jack Nicholson—the caretaker of an isolated resort—go way off the deep end, terrorizing his young son and wife (Shelley Duvall).

Nicholson plays Jack Torrance, who's come to the elegant, isolated Overlook Hotel as off-season caretaker. Torrance has never been there before—or has he? The answer lies in a ghostly time warp of madness and murder.

Master filmmaker Stanley Kubrick's visually haunting chiller, based on the bestseller by master-of-suspense Stephen King, is an undeniable contemporary classic. Newsweek called The Shining "the first epic horror film," full of indelible images, and a signature role for Nicholson whose character was recently selected by AFI as one of their 50 Greatest Villains.


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