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For Heaven’s Sake

Director: Sam Taylor

Genre: Comedy

Year: 1926

Running time: 57 minutes

Territory: International

Studio: Harold Lloyd, Janus Films

Cast: Harold Lloyd, Jobyna Ralston, Noah Young, James Mason, Paul Weigel

Lloyd plays J. Harold Manners, a millionaire playboy who inadvertently contributes to a skid row mission (which is then named in his honor). He meets and falls in love with Hope (Jobyna Ralston), the mission pastor’s daughter, when he visits the mission to protest his name being used. Under her influence, Manners makes parishioners out of all the seedy characters and tough men of the neighborhood. When his idle club friends abduct him on his wedding day (believing they are preventing him from making a foolish mistake), Harold (with his inebriated groomsmen in tow) must race back to the mission so as not to miss his own wedding. The race-to-the-rescue sequence that climaxes For Heaven’s Sake on the double-decker open-top bus is one of Lloyd’s most memorable sequences.


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