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East Is East

Director: Damien O'Donnell

Genre: Comedy

Year: 1998

Running time: 96 minutes

Territory: Worldwide

Format: DCP

Cast: Om Puri, Linda Bassett, Jordan Routledge

For the seven kids of George Khan - proud Pakistani and chip shop owner - life is one long compromise. Tomboy Meenah prefers playing football to wearing a sari, hippie Saleem pretends to be studying engineering when he's really at art school, heart-throb Tariq has got a reputation as a local Casanova, and Sajid hasn’t even been circumcised yet. For George Khan (‘Ghengis’ to his kids), life is an uphill battle to get his family to conform to traditional Pakistani values. But this is Salford in the 1970s: George's English wife Ella is Lancashire born, and his kids have got minds of their own.


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