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They're A Weird Mob

Director: Michael Powell

Genre: Comedy

Year: 1966

Running time: 111 minutes

Territory: Worldwide

Studio: ITV

Cast: Walte Chiari, Clare Dunne, Chips Rafferty.

Nino is an Italian journalist who sets off to work for his cousin’s newspaper in Sydney, Australia. When he arrives, he finds that his cousin has absconded owing a lot of money to a lot of people. He is determined to pay it back, particularly to Kay, a young girl he has met. As he follows her and attempts to get her attention, he is struck by how strange and hostile the Australians seem to be towards him. He finally meets an Italian family and they befriend him, but when Kay sees him kissing one of the women she storms off, believing that they are having an affair. Nino is actually in love with Kay, but due to various misunderstandings, the road to true love is a rather rocky one. Written by Emeric Pressburger, but credited as Richard Imrie.


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