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Henry V

Director: Laurence Olivier

Genre: Drama

Year: 1944

Running time: 141 minutes

Territory: Worldwide

Studio: ITV, MGM

Format: DCP

Cast: Laurence Olivier, Leslie Banks, Robert Newton, George Cole, Renée Asherson

Language options: Dialogue - EN | Subtitle - ES

Based on the most popular of Shakespeare’s historical plays, HENRY V was made to boost the morale of British troops during World War Two. Laurence Olivier was Oscar-nominated for his mesmerising performance as King Henry V, with the film also Oscar nominated for Best Picture and winner of an Honorary Award for Laurence Olivier for his outstanding achievement as Actor, Producer and Director.

HENRY V has been re-mastered to the latest High Definition format with full digital restoration on the sound and picture, returning it to its intensely colourful former glory. The Digital version of this film includes English HOH subtitles


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