It’s All About the Movies

Established in 2003, Park Circus is a leading global sales agency and distribution company. We proudly represent over 25,000 films from Hollywood and British studios and a large number of independent rights owners. It’s not all about classic films though, our contemporary releasing and sales slate includes titles from established directors as well as the new discoveries of today.

We are knowledgeable, passionate and our love of cinema goes to the heart of everything we do. Working with rights holders, producers, distributors and cinemas, our aim is to share the wonderful films we represent with audiences on both the big and small screen.


To get started, simply follow the step-by-step guide below.

1. Find a film

2. Fill in A Screening Request Form

The information you supply on the Screening Request Form will give us the details we need to come back to you with a licensing cost and further details of how we can help.

formtiny Screening Request Form

We will try and get back in touch with you within one working day. Please submit this form as early as you can before you want to screen the film.

3. WE WILL work with you to arrange everything

We will email you as soon as possible with the costs, terms and information on the available screening materials. We may have to also arrange studio approval for the screening. Once all this has been agreed with you we will confirm the booking and help to arrange transport. Please note that the exhibitor covers the transport cost of materials. If licensing a Blu-ray / DVD screening, you will need to purchase a copy that is commercially available. If not available to buy, we may be able to supply a copy but this usually has associated costs.

4. Talk to us about what else you need

Once the booking has been finalised, ask the person you’ve booked the screenings with for anything else you need. We may be able to supply high resolution images, digital poster artwork for online use, original language dialogue lists or subtitle files. For theatrical reissues, you will automatically be sent posters and trailers if they are available.

formtiny publicity MATERIAL Request Form

We love using both the Latest section of our website and our social media channels to support the screenings and events we’ve licensed. Just include @ParkCircusFilms on twitter or drop us a line on

5. After the credits roll...

Once the film has screened, please return the materials as arranged when booking the film. If you have agreed on percentage terms, then please send your box office figures to

If you have any financial queries, please email

Need more help?

Can’t find the film you’re looking for? We represent the back catalogues of many major studios and film libraries, and it is an ongoing project getting all of these films listed on our website. If the title you’re seeking isn’t on our site but you think we might have the rights, drop us a line and we’ll be happy to look into it for you.

Give us a challenge! We love movies and we want to see as many great films back on the big screen in as many counties as possible around the world. We love doing everything we can to help make amazing things happen. We can version DCPs into other languages, ship screening materials around the world, work out complicated international rights puzzles, track down prints and much, much more. Just ask.  

For these, or anything else, email and we'll send your enquiry to correct person. Or give us a call.

Home video, TV/VOD and Ancillary sales

Formed in 2016, Park Circus Film Company quickly established itself as a leading international sales company specialising in the sub-distribution of vintage feature films. The company represents Home Entertainment (DVD/Blu-ray), TV/VOD and Ancillary sales for a huge range of classics on behalf of studios and independent producers, including the libraries of MGM, Universal Studios, Harold Lloyd, Handmade Films, Romulus Films, Cinema Seven, Halas & Batchelor, Outsider, Upcoast Films and many more.

Park Circus Film Company works directly with licensees in all territories around the world and has local sales representatives based in Germany, France and Japan. The company also attends the major international film markets including Berlin EFM, MIPTV, Cannes, MIPCOM and AFM. Read more...


Film Ambassador NetworkThe Park Circus Film Ambassador Network is a volunteer community of classic film fans who contribute to some of Park Circus' most exciting projects as grassroots advocates, getting involved with screenings in their local area. A vibrant conversation between avid bloggers, genre aficionados, format enthusiasts, local film clubs and more, the network connects people with one another, with their favourite films and with their favourite cinemas. Find out more...

If you've got a passion for classic film and would like to take part, get in touch with our Network Manager:


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Every screening before an audience, of whatever size or nature, must be properly licensed. Failure to obtain such a licence is a breach of copyright laws and could lead to a prosecution for infringement. Please refer to our terms and conditions for more information.