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Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Director: Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones
1975 | Sony
Germany, Sweden
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England 932 A.D.†and King Arthur accompanied by his trusty servant Patsy is seeking knights to join his Round Table at Camelot.

Having recruited a band of wise, brave, pure and not-quite-so-brave lords, Arthur and his entourage avoid the silliness of Camelot and encounter God in a wondrous vision. He sets the band of heroes on a noble quest: to find the Holy Grail.

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Country City / Town Cinema Date
Germany Saarbrucken UNIFILM Saarbrucken Tue 13 Dec
Sweden Delsbo Svea Bio Delsbo Wed 04 Jan
Sweden Gothenberg Bio Roy Thu 05 Jan
Sweden Haninge Bio Cosmopolite Fri 16 Dec
Sweden Lycksele Lycksele Medborgarhuset Bio Sun 15 Jan
Sweden Malmo Bio Spegeln Fri 16 Dec
Sweden Stockholm Zita Folkets Bio Fri 16 Dec