Running time:
112 minutes
Directed by:
Jerry Schatzberg
Gene Hackman, Al Pacino, Dorothy Tristan
Digital Cinema
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A tale of intense and newfound friendship between lowly Max (Gene Hackman – stated as his favourite ever role) and Lion (Al Pacino), Scarecrow is digitally restored and ripe for rediscovery on the big screen.

Opening amidst an isolated backdrop of dusty American landscape, Max, just released from prison, happens upon Lion. A muted meeting at first soon blossoms into the beginning of a new friendship that takes them hitchhiking across America to realise Max's dream of opening his own car wash in Pittsburgh. Encountering a series of oddball characters along the way, often delving deep into the protagonists' peculiarities and personal problems, Scarecrow is an intriguing, gritty gem from a significant period of great American cinema.



What the press said

***** "Scarecrow is simply a masterpiece of the American new wave...a jewel of American cinema." - The Guardian

***** "it boasts two of the best performances that Hackman and Pacino ever gave." - The Independent

**** "genuinely moving." - Time Out (Critic's Choice)

**** "A poignant tale of lost souls from a golden age of American cinema." - Daily Express

**** "Here digitally restored, Vilmos Zsigmond’s superb lensing shines through – but it’s the two vibrant leads who most command attention" - Total Film

**** "Beautifully shot throughout (see his Bob Dylan album covers) and wonderfully played by both Hackman and Pacino, Scarecrow is a bona fide forgotten gem" - CineVue

"it stands up as a heartfelt study of friendship and faint hope" - Sight & Sound

"unearthed for a new generation." - Little White Lies

"two peerless leads delivering riveting performances, this snapshot of the landscape of early 1970s America – external and internal – is a fine entry into the road movie canon." - Electric Sheep Magazine

"it's an intriguing and gritty drama that's been vastly overlooked for's the perfect time to get watching it" - New Empress Magazine - Video Blog

"Jerry Schatzberg’s 1973 road movie, Scarecrow, is evidence that there are still rediscoveries to be made from even this eulogised time." - BFI - 10 great American road movies

"a new print reveals it as one of the New American Cinema’s minor gems - and another fine showcase for Messrs. Hackman and Pacino" - Movie Mail

"This is a chance to see a very young Al Pacino and Gene Hackman in a film that shows something that will have you laughing, hoping and feeling more emotion than you thought possible" - Candid Magazine

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