Dial M For Murder 3D

Running time:
105 minutes
Directed by:
Alfred Hitchcock
Ray Milland, Grace Kelly, Robert Cummings
Digital Cinema
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Originally shot in 3D and newly remastered and restored, Alfred Hitchcock's screen version of Frederick Knott's stage hit Dial M for Murder is a tasty blend of elegance and suspense casting Grace Kelly, Ray Milland and Robert Cummings as the points of a romantic triangle. Kelly won the New York Film Critics and National Board of Review Best Actress Awards for this and two other acclaimed 1954 performances. She loves Cummings; her husband Milland plots her murder. But when he dials a Mayfair exchange to set the plot in motion, his right number gets the wrong answer - and gleaming scissors become a deadly weapon. Dial "M" for the Master of Suspense at his most stylish.

What the press said

***** "Dial M for Murder is one of his most streamlined and slyly entertaining thrillers" - The Independent on Sunday

***** "At the BFI, families viewed the film together and what an incredible, eye-opening experience that would be" - Flickering Myth

**** "the set-up is ingenious" - The Guardian

**** "deliciously lurid storytelling" - The Times

**** "Watching it in this version is a treat" - The Sunday Times

**** "Alfred Hitchcock's 1954 thriller is a precision-engineered delight" - The Telegraph

**** "Seeing it as he originally intended is like watching the film for the first time...A splendid restoration." - Daily Express

**** "it sure grips you" - Daily Record

**** "Even minor Hitchcock is worth seeing in the cinema when it comes around. The new print is, of course, in 3D. For once, that counts as good news." - Irish Times

**** "in Hitchcock’s care and this restoration the film comes up as fresh as new scenery paint." - Financial Times

**** "the outstanding element here isn't the 3D at all but the impeccably toned suspense" - Metro

**** "Whichever side of the modern 3D debate you come down on, it’s fascinating to watch Hitchcock take an early stab at it." - Total Film

**** "in a blockbuster-saturated summer, this sharp 3D restoration is a cool refresher for audiences weary of seeing the technology applied to mutants and doomsday scenarios." - Time Out

**** "The film starts slowly but soon picks up pace, demanding the attention of its audience." - The Hollywood News

**** "The 3D works a charm (scissors!) but there's so much more than pokes you in the eye." - Little White Lies

**** "there are plenty of deft touches that loudly proclaim "genius at work"" -Radio Times

8/10 "Master of Suspense Alfred Hitchcock's stagey thriller" - Daily Star

"The theatricality of the Hitchcock film that was once a play is enhanced in this 3D version" - The Observer

"What an amazing way to spend an afternoon...these opportunities don't happen very often, so you really need to grab it" - BBC Kermode & Mayo


"Its strengths are in the casting of Ray Milland as the suave ex-tennis pro who's mired in debt and thus determined to bump off his unfaithful wife (Grace Kelly, in her lovely prime)." - The Independent

"If there is a choice about which Dial M for Murder to see, choose this one. Not only is there added depth, it has a newly enhanced atmosphere." - The Arts Desk

"now rereleased in a beautifully restored digital print" - The Big Issue

"Despite Hitchcock's own reservations this is definitely worth a look" -Empire

"Hitchcock’s use of 3D shows that he made use of the technique to enhance the script, emotional impact of the action and even the very atmospheric single setting" - Mature Times

"Alfred Hitchcock devises what could be studied at film schools as a template for how to film a theatre play." - Derek Winnert

"Digitally spruced up...it’s both entertaining and revealing" - MovieMail

"for fans it is an absolute must." - Eye for Film

"Dial M for Murder – 3D now returns to the big screen in a gorgeous, newly restored and remastered version." - Electric Sheep Magazine

"a typically technically accomplished picture" - Oxford Times


"Grace Kelly herself will be on cinema screens around the country in a re-release of Alfred Hitchcock's 1954 mystery Dial M for Murder." - The Guardian


"His inventiveness heightens the entertainment delightfully." - The Telegraph


"When the phone rings in Alfred Hitchcock’s Dial M for Murder, it provides a killer’s deadly cue. To celebrate the rerelease of the original 3D version of this classic thriller, we flick through an A-Z directory of phones in the movies." - BFI Online

Release Dates

United Kingdom: 26 July 2013

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