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Mr. Cohen Takes a Walk

Director: William Beaudine

Genre: Drama

Year: 1935

Running time: 80 minutes

Territory: US Domestic

Studio: Warner Bros.

Cast: Paul Graetz, Violet Farebrother, Chili Bouchier

This is a story about Mr. Cohen, a father who owns a large department store in London and cares about being a good shopkeeper and good person. Mr. Cohen's elder son and a friend's son work there and have slowly taken on more and more responsibility with the inadvertent result that Mr Cohen has begun to feel unimportant. Mr. Cohen longs to start over with a small shop to regain what he feels he has lost. One subplot involves Mr. Cohen's attempts to remain relevant by helping a small shopkeeper both before and after a major life event for the family. Another subplot involves his younger son's marriage decision and Mr. Cohen's involvement. Mr. Cohen ultimately takes a trip for distraction and looks at buying a small shop. Just in time to save the day, he realizes that he is needed at home after all


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