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Man About Town (Le silence est d'or)

Director: René Clair

Genre: Drama

Year: 1947

Running time: 106 minutes

Territory: International

Studio: Pathé

Format: 4K DCP

Cast: Maurice Chevalier, François Périer, Dany Robin

Language options: Dialogue - FR | Subtitle - EN

Middle-aged film director Emile Clément (Maurice Chevalier) uneasily agrees to look after Madeleine Célestin (Marcelle Derrien), the daughter of an old friend. Conscious of their age difference, Emile initially dismisses Madeleine. But when he realizes how naive she is, he becomes her protector, ordering his film crew to guard her as well. Over time, Emile falls in love with Madeleine -- only to be challenged when his best friend, young actor Jacques (François Perier), returns from the army.


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