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Late August, Early September (Fin août, début septembre)

Director: Olivier Assayas

Genre: Drama

Year: 1998

Running time: 112 minutes

Territory: International

Studio: Pathé

Format: DCP

Cast: François Cluzet, Virginie Ledoyen, Mathieu Amalric

Language options: Dialogue - FR | Subtitle - EN

Adrien (François Cluzet), a writer who has had only marginal commercial success, discovers that he is dying and tells his friend Gabriel (Mathieu Amalric), with whom he has had a tumultuous relationship. Gabriel tries to attend to his friend while making sense of his complicated romantic life, torn between dependable Jenny (Jeanne Balibar) and volatile Anne (Virginie Ledoyen). Meanwhile, other friends of Adrien struggle to assess their lives and careers in the wake of his revelation.


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