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The Scouting Book for Boys

Director: Tom Harper

Genre: Drama

Year: 2009

Running time: 93 minutes

Territory: UK and Ireland

Studio: Pathe UK

Cast: Thomas Turgoose, Holliday Grainger, Ruth Wellman, Ewen MacIntosh, Rafe Spall, Susan Lynch

Fourteen-year-old David (Thomas Turgoose) is spending the summer hanging out with Emily (Holliday Grainger), the only other teenager in his trailer park. When her mom, Sharon (Susan Lynch), loses custody, Emily refuses to live with her father and convinces David to help her hide in a cave. While he brings Emily supplies and keeps her secret, the police investigate her disappearance -- and soon uncover Emily's relationship with her mother's boyfriend, Steve (Rafe Spall), igniting David's jealousy.


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