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Saturday Night Fever (Director's Cut)

Director: John Badham

Genre: Drama

Year: 1977

Running time: 120 minutes

Territory: International

Studio: Paramount

Format: 4K DCP

Cast: John Travolta, Karen Lynn Gorney, Barry Miller, Joseph Cali, Paul Pape

Language options: Dialogue - EN | Subtitle - FR

Every Saturday Tony puts on his wide collared shirt, flared trousers and platform shoes and heads out to the only place where he's seen as a god rather than some young punk - his local disco. Away from the strobe lights and glitter ball though, Tony’s story as a Brooklyn paint store clerk becomes one of tragic disillusionment, violence and heartbreak.

Highlighting issues of gang culture and racial tension, Saturday Night Fever remains a powerful and provocative tragedy that carries as much weight now as it did in 1977.


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