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DoDo the Kid from Outer Space

Director: John Halas

Producer: John Halas

Music: Jack King, Johnny Gregory

Genre: Childrens/Family

Year: 1964

Running time: 5 minutes

Territory: International

Studio: Halas & Batchelor

DoDo is a space kid with extraordinary powers - and he knows how to use them! When he arrives on earth DoDo has a series of wild and wacky adventures with his friends Compy the Computer Bird and Professor Fingers who can invent anything. From Hollywood to Loch Ness, from the Pyramids of Egypt to Paris, DoDo and his pals have fun at the cinema, help Interpol to capture some spies, find sunken treasure, visit a rodeo and still find time to save the world from being sold! Non-stop fun for all ages.


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