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The Gunfighter

Director: Henry King

Genre: Western

Year: 1950

Running time: 85 minutes

Territory: International

Studio: Fox

Format: DCP

Cast: Gregory Peck, Helen Westcott, Millard Mitchell

Language options: Dialogue - EN

Aging gunslinger Jimmy Ringo is tired of killing, tired of the life he has lived; but everywhere he goes, he is recognized as the fastest gun in the west and must deal with young punks who want to challenge him. After winning yet another tiresome challenge, Ringo - despite the warning of old friend Marshall Strett - goes home to visit his estranged wife, Peggy, and the son he never knew. However, the brothers of the man he just slew are on his trail, looking for revenge. Despite his hope to build a new life with his family, he cannot stay. He will always be on the run from his past.


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