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The Harvey Girls

Director: George Sidney

Producer: Arthur Freed

Music: Harry Warren, Johnny Mercer

Genre: Music/Musicals

Year: 1946

Running time: 102 minutes

Territory: International

Studio: Warner

Format: DCP

Cast: Judy Garland, Ray Bolger, Angela Lansbury

Language options: Dialogue - EN

Susan Bradley moves to the small town of Sandrock in order to marry the man she has met through a lonely hearts advertisement. When Susan arrives and learns that she’s been the butt of a joke orchestrated by local saloon owner, Ned Trent, she decides to stay in Sandrock and soon endears herself with a group of girls working at the town’s Harvey House restaurant. After joining the Harvey Girls, Susan soon becomes their leader in the fight against Ned’s business associates and love rivals who want to run the new venture out of town.


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