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Director: Cullen Blaine

Genre: Science Fiction

Year: 1987

Running time: 90 minutes

Territory: Worldwide

Studio: MGM

Cast: Margaret Trigg, Richard Gesswein, Jayne Smith

Dr. Coldyron (Richard Gesswein), a pioneer of tactical robotics, is ordered by Cmdr. Buglar (Michael Hunter) to create a robot that can fight crime. Unbeknownst to Coldyron, Buglar is working with a greedy senator who plans to use the robot to secure his reelection. Coldyron and Dr. Steele (Jayne Smith) deliver the prototype on time. But, when it malfunctions and terrorizes an innocent motorist (James Cole) and his fiancée (Margaret Trigg), it's up to the scientists to stop it once and for all.


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