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Feet First

Director: Clyde Bruckman

Genre: Comedy

Year: 1930

Running time: 90 minutes

Territory: International

Studio: Harold Lloyd, Janus FIlms

Cast: Harold Lloyd, Barbara Kent, Robert McWade, Lillian Leighton, Henry Hall

Harold plays Harold Horne, an ambitious Honolulu shoe clerk determined to make his way into the ranks of high society. He becomes a stowaway aboard a ship while masquerading as a successful businessman, and manages to be accidentally flown to shore by seaplane while hiding in a mailbag. The mailbag is accidentally dropped on a painter’s scaffold that starts ascending the façade of a downtown Los Angeles office building. The mailbag gets caught on an awning hook, which leaves it—and Harold—suspended several stories above ground. Ignorant of his location, Harold cuts his way out of the mailbag, is horrified to discover his predicament, and is forced to blimb the building. Feet First was Lloyd’s fifth and final “thrill” picture, designed to recapture the thrills of the silent-film Safety Last! with sound.


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