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49th Parallel

Director: Michael Powell

Genre: War

Year: 1941

Running time: 122 minutes

Territory: Worldwide

Studio: ITV

Cast: Laurence Olivier, Anton Walbrook, Leslie Howard

Language options: Dialogue - EN

A highly important and effective propaganda film, with outstanding performances from a high calibre cast and winner of an Oscar for Best Original Story. Michael Powell’s classic drama is set in the Second World War. A Nazi U-boat is sunk by the Canadian Air Force and all the crew are lost except six men who had been sent ashore before the attack. They stumble across an Eskimo village where Scott, Peter and his Eskimo servant, Martin live. Also present is a French trapper, Johnnie, who panics when held at gunpoint and is shot by one of the Nazis. After this the Allies send an S.O.S. plane, and it is the intention of the Nazis to hijack it and fly to neutral America. When the plane arrives, there is a scuffle but they manage to take off. Will they be caught before they kill again?


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