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Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell

Director: Terence Fisher

Genre: Horror

Year: 1973

Running time: 93 minutes

Studio: Hammer

Format: DCP

Cast: Peter Cushing, Shane Briant, Madeline Smith, David Prowse, John Stratton, Bernard Lee, Philip Voss, Patrick Troughton, Patrick Allen.

Language options: Dialogue - EN

Dr. Victor Frankenstein (Peter Cushing), runs the asylum at Carlsbad for the criminally insane. He is recognised by one of his most fervent admirers, Dr. Helder (Shane Briant), whose experiments have earned him a place in the institution. Soon the newcomer discovers that Frankenstein is completing a monster from parts of the inmates who have died. Eventually the monster escapes and is forded into a fight with a throng of raving lunatics.


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