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The Night Of The Hunter

Director: Charles Laughton

Genre: Crime/Thriller

Year: 1955

Running time: 92 minutes

Territory: Worldwide

Studio: MGM

Format: DCP

Cast: Robert Mitchum, Shelley Winters, Lillian Gish

Language options: Dialogue - EN, FR | Subtitle - ES, FR, IT

A tall, handsome 'preacher' - his knuckles eerily tattooed with 'love' and 'hate' - roams the countryside, spreading the gospel... and leaving a trail of murdered women in his wake. To Reverend Harry Powell (Robert Mitchum), the work of the Lord has more to do with condemning souls than saving them, especially when his own interests are involved. Now his sights are set on $10,000 - and two little children are the only ones who know where it is. 'Chill...dren!' the preacher croons to the terrified boy and girl hiding in the cold, dark cellar... innocent young lambs who refuse to be led astray.






Broken Hill

Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery

26 July

United Kingdom


Katy Woods - Glastonbury Festival Events Ltd

28 June - 30 June

United States of America

Silver Spring

AFI Silver Theatre

6 July - 11 July

United States of America


Paramount Theatre, Austin, TX

9 July

United States of America


Landmark Theatres Ritz Five, Philadelphia, PA

23 July


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