Disney favourites now on digital

27 September 2013

Rabbits, puppets, wardrobes and more... A selection of much-loved family favourites are now available on DCP. Dust off your flying carpet and join the fun.

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We’re delighted to announce that a selection of great classic Disney titles are now available on digital for theatrical bookings. These much-loved family favourites are ripe for rediscovery by a new generation. 

From the use of CGI techniques in Tron to the cartoon and live action hybrid of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Disney have been at the forefront of groundbreaking animation throughout the history of cinema. Revisit these titles, along with classics titles like Peter Pan and Pinocchio, all on pristine new DCPs.

roger rabbit

When it comes to storytelling for children, nobody does it better than Disney. It’s time to take a trip to Narnia or Never Land. Let Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins, or the adorable Herbie light up your cinema screens.

Now Available on Digital