Priceless Premingers on the move

31 July 2012

La Cinémathèque française follows Locarno in Otto worship

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If you want good kaffee and kuchen (coffee and cake) you need to spend some time with an Austrian (preferably one from Vienna). The same goes for cinema, and no one serves up sweeter derivations of the genre flick than follically challenged Austro-Hungarian Otto Preminger. As the Locarno Film Festival begins its 40 film strong retrospective of the filmmaker - including the newly digitally restored Bonjour Tristesse, his exceptionally haunting 1965 missing persons thriller Bunny Lake is Missing (pictured), theological and politically nuanced historical epic Exodus, courtroom drama Anatomy of a Murder and underrated kidnap thriller Rosebud – news reaches us that the classic film loving French are getting in on the act too.

If you can’t make it to the beautiful Swiss city of Locarno in the next few hours then have no fear. The good folk at La Cinémathèque française in Paris will also be running a complete Preminger retrospective from 30 August-8 October 2012. These priceless Premingers are on the move. Who knows where they will go next. The great man had no fear of adventure.