Natural with the Pulp in

5 July 2012

Unguarded pictures from the set of Pulp Fiction and a look at the Tarantino catalogue.

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Arguably the greatest non-linear thriller ever made and certainly the best B-movie anthology/portmanteau flick of the last century, Quentin Tarantino's sophomore feature Pulp Fiction is nearing its 20th birthday. Pulp Fiction was a genuine game-changer and its influence on world cinema still reverberates. But hey you know that, and you're probably tired of us telling you about the fantastic new DCP of the film we have available to book, so we decided we'd pay a tribute to Tarantino and treat you to some little-seen stills from the set of the film. Taken between 20 September and 30 November 1993, these photographs bear witness to the creation of a masterpiece. Thank you to Miramax for letting us show them to you. Enjoy!

Pulp2Producer Lawrence Bender (centre) shares a joke with his director Quentin Tarantino (back to camera)

Pulp3Tarantino coaches John Travolta between takes

Pulp4Tarantino, Bender and crew prep a location shot

Pulp6Tarantino has laugh between takes of his performance as Jimmie Dimmick

Pulp7Tarantino directs Bruce Willis

Pulp8Tarantino and Bender have a break between takes

Pulp9Travolta and Willis enjoy a joke at the bar

Pulp10Willis, Tarantino, Maria de Medeiros and Bender pose for a set group shot

Pulp Fiction is not the only Tarantino title available for worldwide booking. As fans across the globe wait with eager anticipation for Django Unchained, Park Circus offer cinemas, film festivals and the like the chance to look back on one of film's most-worshipped figures. From Jackie Brown and Reservoir Dogs, which celebrates its 25th anniversary next year, to Kill Bill 1 & 2, there are some gems in Miramax's library that may just be the clue to what's in that mysterious suitcase...