Gilda - Press Reviews

5 July 2011

"If you've never seen it, it's about time."

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***** "Vidor's seductive thriller is a hate-fuelled masterpiece." - iFlicks

***** "deliciously perverse and strange 1946 film noir" - The Independent 

***** "New digital print of Charles Vidor's stunning 1946 film noir starring Rita Hayworth as the sensuous moll and Glenn Ford as her old flame." - The List

***** "Gilda is the most fabulous of team efforts and this new print glows with rude health." - London Evening Standard

***** "If you've never seen it, it's about time." - Radio Times

***** "a movie like this a real gem to watch" - Static Mass Emporium 

**** "one of Hayworth's greatest performances." - Film 4

**** "darkly, sophisticated stuff" - The Big Issue

**** "The film will always belong to its beguiling star." - Cinemart

**** "a sultry film noir set in wartime Buenos Aires" - The Daily Telegraph

**** "A real 1940s Hollywood treat." - The Guardian

**** "A beautiful restoration of Charles Vidor's iconic 1946 noir with sexual intrigue" - The Mail on Sunday

**** "Hayworth performs a fully clothed, singing striptease, possibly far sexier than the real thing. Shiver as she peels off a black, silk elbow-length glove." - The Times

**** "See it." - Time Out 

**** "Hothouse passions were rarely steamier" - Total Film