None Shall Escape to premiere at TCM Fest

18 April 2018

We're celebrating the new 4K restoration of None Shall Escape which is set to premiere at TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood this month, along with other titles newly available in DCP.

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There aren't many things which get us more excited here at Park Circus HQ than new DCPs arriving. Sony Pictures continually invest in great restorations and here's a selection to celebrate. 

First up, we have the brand new 4K restoration of None Shall Escape, André De Toth's wartime Hollywood production which was the first to depict the horrors of the holocaust and harsh realities of WWII. Made and released before the end of the war, it proved to be shockingly prescient, in part due to the first hand experience of De Toth, a Hungarian refugee who had arrived in Hollywood in 1942, and Joseph Than, co-writer of the original story, a German refugee who escaped from Occupied France in 1941. None Shall Escape is set to premiere at TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood from April 26 - 29.

Bitter Victory

More wartime drama is available in Nicholas Ray's Bitter Victory (pictured above), a subversive Second World War thriller from 1958 starring Richard Burton as one of two army officers leading a British commando raiding party into Nazi-occupied Libya.

Sidney Lumet's thriller, Fail Safe, offers a valuable critique of a military doctrine founded on mutually assured destruction, a theatre of war increasingly influenced by advancing technology and the processes behind political decisions with staggering human costs. Following the premiere of the new 4K restoration at Berlinale 2018 earlier this year, it's now available to book.

Another take on the cold war thriller comes courtesy of a new 2K restoration of These are the Damned, Joseph Losey's British science fiction oddity, which has a small but fervent cult following. The story of an American, his British girlfriend, her sadistic motorcycle gang brother (Oliver Reed) and a cave filled with radioactive children is as strange and fascinating as it sounds.

Baby, the Rain Must Fall

Also newly available in DCP we have 1965's atmospheric melodrama, Baby, the Rain Must Fall, starring Steve McQueen as a trouble-prone country singer and Lee Remick as his estranged wife. Released on parole after serving time, McQueen struggles as he tries to go straight.

For something a little more sumptuous, there is a new DCP of Vanina Vanini, Roberto Rosselini's 1979 Italian-set costume drama, following the intertwined stories of a revolutionary and the princess who falls in love with him.

These titles are all now available for theatrical and festival bookings in DCP.