A Fistful of Dollars - new marketing materials

26 March 2018

An extreme close-up on our poster and trailer.

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Get three coffins ready: A Fistful of Dollars is returning to cinemas across the UK/Ireland from 13 April, screening from a 4K restoration.

And Clint Eastwood's laconic gunslinger isn't riding into town alone either - this release sees The Man with No Name arrive armed with a new poster and trailer as recently revealed by the sharpshooters over at HeyUGuys.

A Fistful of Dollars trailer.

Sparse, simple and shot through with the crack of a revolver, our new trailer condenses all of the essential elements of Sergio Leone's archetypal Spaghetti Western. A man with no name and of few words comes to the town of San Miguel, and he might just be available for some unsavoury work. From there, his story is summarised in extreme close-up: a couple of minutes that capture the film's bold visual language, swaggering dialogue and its glib nihilism.

My mistake: four coffins...

A Fistful of Dollars quad artworkOur new poster taps deeper still into A Fistful of Dollars' vein of minimalist myth-making. Clint's mercenary - framed at an aloof distance, but immediately identifiable - stands isolated in the deserted town square of San Miguel, sizing us up, shoulders squared for a showdown. The distinctive monochrome scrub strips things back further: confining the colour palette to a limited spectrum of light and shade, and mottling the composition with scratches and pockmarks. It's a look that consciously recalls the tintype relics of the Old West - images worn by time and weathered by inhospitable conditions, but still arresting in their intensity and striking in their haunted vitality.

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