A Matter of Life and Death - new marketing materials

13 November 2017

The new poster and trailer land ahead of its release on 8 December.

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The new poster and trailer for A Matter of Life and Death have landed safely following exclusive reveals at Total Film and Yahoo Movies UK in anticipation of the film's release on 8 December.

Powell and Pressburger's grand celestial opera of love and law, life and death is returning to the big screen in a heavenly new 4K restoration - now accompanied by a similarly beatific poster and trailer to herald the good news in cinemas across the UK/Ireland.

New trailer

A Matter of Life and Death trailer.True to The Archers signature style, A Matter of Life and Death skilfully combines seemingly competing impulses. On the one hand, there is technical and narrative experimentation in its movements from Technicolor to monochrome and from realism to fantasy; and, on the other hand, there is a sincere commitment to more conventional melodrama and the charm of a good, old fashioned love story. Our new trailer captures the best of both worlds: opening with the film's melodramatic set-up before being swept into a place altogether more strange, ushered along all the while by the gentle rise and fall of an ethereal string section.

New Poster

A Matter of Life and DeathA Matter of Life and Death was originally released as Stairway to Heaven in the US, a reference to one of the film's most memorable set-pieces - the massive escalator traversing the void between Earth and the Other World. Our new poster design acknowledges the lasting impact of this imposing image, whilst also foregrounding the film's more earth-bound, humane heart. The script-style title treatment pays respectful homage to the original and adds a modern touch of its own - a fitting gesture to accompany the thoughtful restoration work undertaken by Sony Pictures.

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