Predator - new marketing materials

9 October 2017

The new trailer breaks cover ahead of the 30th anniversary release this November.

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With a cry of “get to da cinema!”, Empire has revealed an exclusive first sighting of the new Predator trailer ahead of the film’s return to cinemas worldwide this November for a 30th anniversary reissue.

The trailer is joined by an anniversary edition of the classic artwork - we take a look at both in more detail below.

New trailer

Predator trailer.Clocking in at a mere 70 seconds, the new trailer is a suitably lean and mean distillation of John McTiernan’s action movie machine. Squeezing gunfights, explosions and the dread thrill of the hunt into its short but effective runtime, it counterpoints Predator’s explosive set pieces with its nuanced stalker-prey dynamics, and makes a few welcome nods to its terse, testosterone-driven dialogue.

There’s something in those trees…

Classic poster

Predator one sheet artworkDominated by its neon thermal imaging colour scheme, its pleasingly pixellated action shot of a gun-toting Arnie and its no-nonsense title treatment and star billing, Predator’s original poster artwork captures all the old-school pleasures of a defiantly 80s classic fondly viewed in retrospect. It’s a blunt-force, nostalgia-saturated optical assault that’s the perfect reminder of what made Predator so fun in the first place, and what makes it so watchable today.

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