11 September 2017

30th anniversary release coming to cinemas throughout international territories this November.

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The hunt is back on: Twentieth Century Fox’s Predator is stalking onto big screens this November for a 30th anniversary release that will see Arnie’s man vs. alien rumble in the jungle return to cinemas throughout international territories.

Dutch, Dillon and the rest of the squad are gearing up for another round of extraterrestrial extermination as cinemas celebrate the original Predator ahead of the 2018 arrival of Shane Black’s latest franchise instalment, The Predator. Fondly remembered 3 decades after its initial release thanks to an arsenal of quotable one liners, its pleasingly old school special effects and a Schwarzenegger performance deftly poised between wry self-awareness and testosterone-fuelled stoicism, Predator stands tall as the ultimate action movie machine; a muscle-bound, camo-clad, cigar-chomping romp that is at once quintessentially 80s and practically timeless.


Major Dutch Schaefer is the leader of a military rescue unit looking for allies captured by guerrillas in the Latin American jungle. At first it seems like any other mission: Dutch and his team of seasoned combat veterans spot a guerilla camp, destroy it, and find the men they were sent to rescue executed. But when Dutch attempts to lead his unit out with a captured guerrilla in tow, something horrifying and inexplicable begins to happen: one by one the men are killed by a mysterious adversary - a Predator from another world.

Suddenly human enmities are forgotten, for Dutch and his dwindling band of survivors are no longer the hunters - instead they are prey to an enemy who blends into the jungle and strikes with inhuman ferocity, agility and power. Stalked by the unseen foe and stripped of his sophisticated weaponry, Dutch must rely on more than physical strength and modern technology. With the jungle his only ally, he will draw on his inner resources of instinct and intelligence, as he faces his greatest challenge: to stay alive.

Predator returns to cinemas throughout international territories for a 30th anniversary release this September.