Belle de Jour - Press roundup

6 September 2017

Luis Buñuel's "complex classic" is back on the big screen in a new 4K restoration for its 50th anniversary.

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Belle de Jour returns to cinemas from 8 September, screening from a new 4K restoration which has spent the summer season turning heads at Cannes Classics and Il Cinema Ritrovato.

50 years after its first release, Luis Buñuel's hypnotic story of a bourgeois housewife who submits herself to the world of the bordello - a spell-binding Catherine Deneuve, in one of her defining roles - retains its ability to scandalise, to titillate and to challenge.

Belle de jour quad artwork

Belle de jour | Back in UK cinemas from 8 September


***** "Catherine Deneuve is extraordinary in a secret theatre of erotic shame" - The Guardian

***** "Full of mystery, this erotically charged, psychologically complex classic elegantly blends fantasy and reality." - Total Film

Classic Film of the Week - The Times

"The slippery, confounding nature of Belle de Jour is what gives the film its power. The movie's veneer of cut-glass realism and elegant restraint hides a wild, libidinous dream-logic geared yo provoke." - The Big Issue

"A reissue of Luis Buñuel's iconic 1967 award-winner" - Metro

"Don’t miss this re-issue of Buñuel’s masterpiece, now aged 50, but still ravishing" - The Mature Times


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