Jackie Brown

16 August 2017

Checking-in for the 20th anniversary celebrations.

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Receiving its world premiere in New York on 8 December 1997 before going on to a Christmas Day general release, Jackie Brown turns 20 this year and we're checking-in for the anniversary celebrations.

The story of an air hostess caught in a bind between law enforcement and a dangerous gun runner, Quentin Tarantino's all-star homage to the blaxploitation boom is in many ways typical of the director's peak early-era output. There's the soundtrack and genre references harking back to the 1970s, as well as the postmodern tendency to remix and recycle well-worn cinematic tropes that is as at home in the 1990s as Samuel L. Jackson’s backwards Kangol flat cap.

Jackie Brown

 But there’s also a few notable deviations from the director’s usual approach, not least the inclusion of a prominent, strong female role, that makes Jackie Brown one of Tarantino’s most distinctive efforts; a film sometimes overlooked in favour of its better known contemporaries, but an interesting contender for consideration as his greatest achievement.

Still flying high after 20 years, Jackie Brown is ready to stake its claim as the very best there is... accept no substitutes.

Pam Grier

CoffyPam Grier’s early career provides Jackie Brown with its generic framework, and her powerful performance in the title role supplies the film’s heart, soul and drive; an achievement that saw the actress rewarded with a big screen renaissance in the years that followed. Compliment your Jackie Brown anniversary celebration with a double-barrelled tribute to the badass first lady of blaxploitation and the star of genre benchmarks such as Coffy, Foxy Brown, Scream, Blacula, Scream and more.