Belle de jour - new marketing materials

7 August 2017

Revealing the new poster and trailer to accompany the UK reissue. The 4K restoration comes to cinemas on 8 September.

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Belle de jour is returning to cinemas across the UK from 8 September, screening from a new 4K restoration which has been turning heads recently at Cannes Classics and Il Cinema Ritrovato.

Following an exclusive reveal by Little White Lies, we’re pleased to share the new marketing materials for the release that complete the pamper package gifted to Luis Buñuel’s erotic classic on its 50th anniversary.

New poster

Belle de jour quad artworkIn a single, inscrutable look, our new poster artwork captures the beguiling charm of Belle de jour and of Catherine Deneuve’s central performance as Séverine, the dutiful housewife who submits herself to the world of the bordello. It’s a look that is simultaneously sensuous and scandalous; an invitation and a provocation - and it’s a moment of looking that casts Séverine as both bearer and object. The pastel typography, consciously framing Deneuve’s gaze, offers us similar contradictions; suggesting softness and innocence, but inevitably recalling the tones of exposed flesh which can be glimpsed here fleetingly.

New trailer

Belle de jour trailer.Further keying into the ambiguities and contradictions at the film’s core, our new trailer embodies the hypnotic, narcotic sense of unreality that characterises the best work of Luis Buñuel. Pulsing to a soundscape that can be heard as serene or sinister, it shows Séverine varyingly as an aloof observer gliding detached through space and as a magnetic object irresistibly drawing the eyes and bodies of others towards her.

Belle de jour returns to cinemas on 8 September, screening from a new 4K restoration carried out to mark the film's 50th anniversary. See the initial reveal from Little White Lies.