New DCPs: May

3 May 2017

The latest additions to the digital catalogue.

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May is underway and brings with it a number of new additions to the Park Circus digital catalogue. Channeling the prospector spirit of Yellow Sky - now available in 4K - we’ve panned through the latest entries and have uncovered a few choice nuggets below. Our selections see us deliver a belated birthday gift to a living acting legend, go undercover with a rock 'n’ roll superstar and seek refuge in a ghost town in the heart of Death Valley.

As Good as it Gets

As Good as it GetsJack Nicholson, who just celebrated his 80th birthday in April, won his second Best Actor Oscar for his performance in James L. Brooks’ romantic comedy As Good as it Gets. Melvin Udall is bang on type for Nicholson’s distinct brand of on-screen anarchy; a misanthropic, obsessive-compulsive novelist who’s unwillingly drawn into caring relationships with a waitress (an Oscar-winning Helen Hunt), his neighbour and - worst of all - their dog.

Top Secret!

Top Secret!Giant telephones, cows in wellington boots and knowing looks towards the camera: the directorial team behind Airplane! aim for their own high benchmark of movie parody in the similarly exclamatory Top Secret! Turning away from airborne disasters and towards Cold War spy skullduggery and - bizarrely - Elvis’ on-screen output, here the targets are varied and the attacks come thick and fast. Val Kilmer channels the King’s hip-gyrating, lip-curling and hair-flopping in a game, goofy debut.

Yellow Sky

Yellow SkyThere’s no honour among thieves in William A. Wellman’s western about a group of bandits who escape across the desert only to find that their much-needed oasis is a ghost town. After meeting the town’s remaining inhabitants - an old prospector and his feisty granddaughter - the gang’s loyalties are split when a plan is hatched to rob them of their gold. A reformed Gregory Peck and a sneering Richard Widmark ably head up the opposing factions.

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