4 April 2017

Park Circus to handle all bookings on the Independent film library.

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We are pleased to announce that Park Circus will now handle all bookings on the Independent film library. Founded in 2003, Independent has over a decade of experience in content creation and distribution. In that time, they've built a reputation for producing innovative and original content with a library of output that includes the likes of Moon and We Need To Talk About Kevin.

We've highlighted a few titles below as an introduction to this interesting and exciting collection of contemporary independent filmmaking.

Meek's Cutoff

Meek's CutoffKelly Reichardt, one of America's foremost independent filmmakers, brings her trademark off-beat minimalism to bear on one of cinema's grand ole genres in this 2010 anti-western about a group of pioneers struggling to navigate the sparse, unforgiving landscape of the Oregon High Desert. The pace is slow and the mood is plaintive as bonds between the settlers begin to strain, their guide seems increasingly unreliable and an unknown horror creeps upon them.

The Falling

The FallingSet in a 1960s English all-girls school whose strict status quo is upended by an outbreak of mysterious goings on, there's shades of both If.... and Picnic at Hanging Rock in The Falling. Game of Throne's Maisie Williams stars as one half of an odd couple afflicted by fainting spells which soon sweep through the community reaching epidemic levels in this retro drama. Transitioning from her previous documentary and experimental work, this feature marks director Carol Morley as a British talent who continues to develop.

Hallam Foe

Hallam FoeTeenage angst, unprocessed grief and a penchant for voyeurism are the core ingredients in David Mackenzie's unusual, BAFTA-winning coming-of-age drama which follows an eccentric young man to the big city as he tries to escape his unhappy home life and rediscover his recently deceased mother.

Also available: Starred Up, Mackenzie's intense prison drama about two inmates whose dysfunctional father-son relationship is reignited when a young offender is transferred to the same institution as his absentee parent.

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