Multiple Maniacs: Press Roundup

17 February 2017

"It might be more appalling today than it was then. It was a punk rock movie." In cinemas from 17 February.

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Multiple Maniacs quadMultiple Maniacs | Back in cinemas: 17 February


***** "One of the most provocative, outright filthy, plain insane and unabashedly disgusting movies ever made" - Dirty Movies

**** "Gets under the skin of audiences and doesn't let go... we are truly lucky to have Multiple Manics back" - Front Row Reviews

"Waters’ 1970 B-movie about outsiders, a freak show and lobster sex is as gleefully subversive another time round" - Guardian

"More than forty-five years after it mades its bow on Baltimore's underground scene, this cult classic's trashy profanity retains its spark" - CineVue

"A must for any JW fan, and indeed any fan of trash, camp, queer classic cinema. If you have the stomach for it..." - Loverboy Magazine

"It’s hard not to enjoy this trash cinema masterpiece." Candid Magazine

"'Wow' is still the right response" - Financial Times

"Possibly even more depraved and shocking than it felt on its 1970 release" - Metro


  • John Waters: 'A new kind of anarchy is going to happen next' - The Guardian
  • John Waters: 'I'm like a weird gay version of my father' - Little White Lies
  • John Waters on the place for bad taste in contemporary culture - i-D Magazine
  • A Dirty Shame: John Waters Interviewed - The Quietus
  • John Waters on bad taste & Multiple Maniacs - The Skinny
  • John Waters reveals why his straight-laced parents paid for one of the most outrageous movies in American film history - The Film Programme, BBC Radio 4 
  • How LSD adventures inspired John Waters' Multiple Maniacs - AnOther Magazine
  • The hero: John Waters: 'The king of bad taste is back on his throne' - Total Film
  • “When audiences see it now, it works in a whole different way.” Uncut Magazine