Universal Home Entertainment Highlights

23 November 2016

International home video availabilities from the Universal library.

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We are pleased to announce that the Park Circus Film Company will now represent the Universal library for international home video licensing.

The oldest of Hollywood's major studios, and the fourth oldest in the world, Universal's extensive library dates as far back as 1912. We've highlighted a few titles from over a century of cinema history to introduce you to a new catalogue of films waiting for the call up to DVD and Blu-ray.

Romantic Comedies

Pillow TalkPillow Talk was the first of three romantic comedies Doris Day and Rock Hudson made for Universal. A huge success, it cemented Day's position as America's sweetheart, revitalised Hudson's career after the troubled release of A Farewell to Arms and established the pair as one of the Golden Age's favourite double acts. Its party line set up may rely on obsolete technology, but the undeniable connection between its co-stars remains timeless.

Cult Cuts

One-Eyed JacksLess lucky on its first release, One-Eyed Jacks was an expensive and time-consuming project for its star, Marlon Brando that led to an - albeit temporary - blip in the actor's career. With production hampered by a revolving door of talent that included Sam Peckinpah and Stanley Kubrick, Brando himself took the reigns in his sole stint in the director's chair - only to abandon the film during the editing process, initially consigning it to the history books. Now, its chequered past, striking visuals and distinct, Freudian take on western archetypes mark it out as another fascinating entry in Brando's filmography.

Howard the DuckAnother oddity that failed to reach the critical and commercial heights of its creator’s usual output, Howard the Duck was George Lucas’ troubled attempt to adapt the Marvel comic of the same name. Two decades before the arrival of the unstoppable Marvel Cinematic Universe, audiences in 1986 weren’t quite ready for a live-action, beer-loving anthropomorphic waterfowl in a leading role, and Howard was left in a flap. Despite this, the inter-dimensional adventure has persisted in a universe of its own; celebrated by cult cinema fans for its analogue special effects and the audacity of the whole endeavour.

Science Fiction

The Andromeda StrainUnexplained earth-bound organisms feature in another of Universal's sci-fi adaptations, but the deadly pathogens that give The Andromeda Strain its name are an altogether more nefarious proposition than a fast-talking duck. When a satellite crash lands in a remote New Mexico village, a crack team of scientists are sent to investigate; discovering that almost all of the town's inhabitants have been killed by an unknown biological agent that threatens to wreak worldwide havoc. Hitting cinemas two years after the moon landings, Robert Wise's film offers a cautionary counter-point to man's interplanetary aspirations and effectively captures the paranoiac tension of Michael Crichton's original text.

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