Look Back in Anger

Release Country:
UK & Ireland
Release Date:
30 March 2018
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Look Back in Anger, the blistering debut feature from Woodfall Films, returns to confront audiences across the UK and Ireland from 30 March. Its reissue leads a wider season of screenings at BFI Southbank that will reflect upon the lasting impact of Woodfall's productions, 60 years after the upstart company effected a revolution in British filmmaking.

An uncompromising story of martial strife compounded by class division, Look Back in Anger was a defiant battle cry from Woodfall and a fitting first step in their mission to bring the rage of the Angry Young Men from the stage and page onto the screen. It would become a foundational text of kitchen sink realism and would launch British cinema headlong into the turbulent waters of the 1960s.

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