Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Release Country:
UK, Ireland and International
Release Date:
15 September 2017
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On its 40th anniversary, audiences will be able to enjoy Steven Spielberg’s science fiction adventure in a new 4K digital print for the first time. Made in 1977, following the success of Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind is a compelling story about a group of people who try and contact alien intelligence.

Electrical lineman Roy Neary encounters a UFO on a deserted road whilst investigating a major power cut. He becomes increasingly obsessed with UFOs and subliminal messaging following his experience, distancing himself from his wife and children but drawing him closer towards parallel investigations being conducted by scientists, the military and other survivors of encounters who are attempting to communicate with the mysterious otherworldly presence.

CE3K Trailer

Close Encounters of the Third Kind will be showing across the UK and Ireland, including Picturehouse, Cineworld, Vue and key independent cinemas. Internationally it will screen at selected cinemas. Find a screening near you

Audiences will also be treated to a short about the making of the film which includes an all new interview with Steven Spielberg.