Multiple Maniacs

Release Country:
United Kingdom
Release Date:
17 February 2017
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Multiple Maniacs, the gloriously grotesque, unavailable-for-decades second feature from John Waters, is coming to UK cinemas at long last. Released in select sites on 17 February, Multiple Maniacs arrives replete with all manner of depravity, from robbery and murder to one of cinema’s most memorably blasphemous moments.

Made on a shoestring budget in Baltimore, with Waters taking on nearly every technical task, this gleeful mockery of the peace-and-love ethos of its era features the Cavalcade of Perversion, a traveling show put on by a troupe of misfits whose shocking proclivities are topped only by those of their leader: the glammer-than-glam, larger-than-life Divine, who’s out for blood after discovering her lover’s affair.

Multiple Maniacs trailer.

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