Park Row

Running time:
83 minutes
Directed by:
Samuel Fuller
Gene Evans, Mary Welch, George O'Hanlon
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Park Row at one time was the most famous newspaper street in the world.
On this street in Nev York, the great giants of journalism mixed blood and ink to make headlines across the front Pages of America. It is 1886. One of the great editors on Park Row is "Fighting" Gene Evans. Evans is fired from "The Star" by its beautiful, arrogant publisher, Mary Welch, when he disagrees with her policies. He starts his own "fighting" sheet. His first big story is that of Steve Brodie's famous Brooklyn Bridge leap. Annoyed by Evans' fighting spirit and increasing circulation of his paper, Mary tries to destroy his paper-even attempting
destruction of his press and cutting off his supply of paper and ink.
Finally, she becomes convinced that his kind of journalism is the only worthwhile kind. She also realizes that she loves him and ultimately they work together to turn out a first rate newspaper.