The Misfits

Running time:
125 minutes
Directed by:
John Huston
Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable, Montgomery Clift
Digital Cinema
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Nevada, the "leave it" state: a gathering ground for misfits, burnouts, empty bottles and spare atom bombs. It's home to a host of interesting strangers: Roslyn; a beautiful but naive woman, reeling from a shotgun divorce, who has never stepped foot out of Reno, and Guido and Gay; a pair of erstwhile cowboys with a half-finished house in the sticks and bittersweet memories of a west that's no longer wild.

Roslyn moves out to the country and tentatively begins to build a home with Gay, but is soon on the move again when Guido returns and takes them on a road trip to round up wild mustangs, picking up a rodeo-rocked bull rider along the way to serve as an extra pair of hands. Arriving in the desert, tensions increase when Roslyn learns of the horses' grisly fate and the men around her are forced to confront their anachronistic lifestyles and their individual failures.

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What the press said

***** "This swansong for Marilyn Monroe, Montgomery Clift and Clark Gable is as emotionally potent as ever" - The Telegraph

***** "Marilyn Monroe gives an extraordinary performance" - The Independent

***** "[Monroe] is the key to understanding so much of the context of the American cinema." - CineVue

**** "Miller's script summons moments of lyricism" - Total Film

**** "Muscular swansong for Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable" - The Guardian

**** "Gripping" - Little White Lies


Release Dates

United Kingdom: 12 June 2015

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