I Only Want You To Love Me

Running time:
104 minutes
Bavaria Media
Directed by:
Rainer Werner Fassbinder
Vitus Zeplichal, Eike Aberle, Alexander Allerson
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Construction worker Peter recounts his sorry tale from prison. Kind and hard working he builds his parents a house. They reciprocate with emotional abuse. He goes to Munich to work, bringing his wife who is soon pregnant. He works hard, they buy things on credit. He tries to fill the emotional void with material goods but his spending habits lead him into a spiral of debt and pressures mount. Finally he snaps.
Made for German television in 1976, during a pause from filming feature Satan's Brew, I Only Want You To Love Me is based on a true account taken from For Life (Lebenslaenglich), a book of interviews edited by Klaus Antes and Christiane Ehrhardt. Made when Fassbinder was going through a professional crisis I Only Want You To Love Me is a very personal reflection of his own childhood and adolescence.



What the press said

“A variation on a classic theme that can never bear too much repeating: Can’t buy me love.”  New York Times

"a unique blend of emotional frankness, Loach-style social insight and brutal fates straight out of a Thomas Hardy novel." Total Film