Ambassador Network

Love classic film? Want to get involved? Join the Park Circus Film Ambassador Network!

AmbassadorsWe want to connect with those who feel most passionately about the films we represent – our audiences. We want to make sure as many people as possible can enjoy the magic and joy of classic cinema, no matter where they live or whatever their circumstances, interests or passions... so we are looking for creative and confident people of all types to act as advocates for the films we represent by joining the Park Circus Film Ambassadors.


The Park Circus Film Ambassador Network is a volunteer community of classic film fans who contribute to some of Park Circus' most exciting projects as grassroots advocates, getting involved with screenings in their local area. A vibrant conversation between avid bloggers, genre aficionados, format enthusiasts, local film clubs and more, the network connects people with one another, with their favourite films and with their favourite cinemas.

If you've got a passion for classic film and would like to take part, get in touch with our Network Manager, Kate Timperley:


  • Promote screenings among your on- and offline networks, helping to develop new audiences
  • Personalise screenings, making them unique occasions and adding value for those in your local community, for example, organising merchandise and ticket giveaways
  • Host or find local experts to host pre-film introductions, post-screening Q&A events or drinks
  • Network at screenings to find like-minded classic film enthusiasts who would like to become more involved
  • Work with your local cinema and local businesses to support screenings
  • Advise on which films you would love to see reissued into cinemas near you
  • Share your experiences and learnings with other Park Circus Film Ambassadors


  • Opportunity for complimentary tickets to Park Circus screenings
  • Ambassadors can access ‘what’s on’ information, reviews, first look at exclusive content, trailers, interviews with artists/directors and behind-the-scenes images
  • Chance to participate in Ambassador focus groups, getting exclusive first look access to upcoming Park Circus projects and giving us your valued opinion
  • Receive exclusive merchandise, plus our Quarterly Newsletter
  • Make new friends who share your passions and enjoy new experiences together
  • Help to shape your local cultural landscape and really make a difference to the film events that your community and local cinema is able to provide
  • Help to inspire a love of classic film in new audiences

As an ambassador, you'll receive support from a dedicated Ambassador Network Manager who will keep you updated about ongoing projects and help you get the most out of your experience.


Image (above): Cinemascopio at the São Luiz cinema during the Janela Internacional de Cinema do Recife